Small magnesium block 99.9 Mg ingot 99.95 high purity magnesium ingot

Small magnesium block 99.9 Mg ingot 99.95 high purity magnesium ingot is a light metal raw material for the production of magnesium alloys, aluminum alloys and other products.
Product Description

high purity magnesium ingot

1. Introduction of Small magnesium block 99.9 Mg ingot 99.95 high purity magnesium ingot

Small magnesium block 99.9 Mg ingot 99.95 high purity magnesium ingot is a light metal raw material for the production of magnesium alloys, aluminum alloys and other products. It has the advantages of high specific strength, high specific stiffness, shock absorption, and good machinability. As the metal structural material with the smallest density, primary magnesium ingots are widely used in the aerospace industry, military industry, transportation, and 3C fields. With the development of science and technology and the continuous emergence of new technologies and new processes, the application of primary magnesium ingots will become more and more extensive.

The production capacity of primary magnesium ingots is 10,000 tons per year, and the output of Mg9990 accounts for more than 90% of the total output, of which the output of Mg9995B accounts for more than ten percent of the total output.


99.98% to 99.999% High Purity Pure Magnesium Ingot


2. Features of Small magnesium block 99.9 Mg ingot 99.95 high purity magnesium ingot include:

1). High Purity: These magnesium blocks have a high level of purity, with a minimum purity of 99.9% or 99.95%. The high purity ensures that the material is free from impurities, enhancing its performance and reliability.


2). Lightweight: Magnesium is known for its lightweight properties, making it an ideal choice for applications where weight reduction is critical. Small magnesium blocks offer a lightweight solution without compromising on strength and durability.


3). High Strength-to-Weight Ratio: Despite being lightweight, magnesium possesses excellent strength-to-weight ratio, meaning it can provide significant strength and structural integrity while keeping the overall weight low. This makes it suitable for applications that require strength and load-bearing capacity.


4). Corrosion Resistance: Magnesium exhibits excellent corrosion resistance, especially when compared to many other metals. Small magnesium blocks are resistant to various corrosive environments, making them suitable for applications where corrosion protection is necessary.


3. Product parameters of Small magnesium block 99.9 Mg ingot 99.95 high purity magnesium ingot

Product Specification 7.5kg 300g 100g
Length*width*height (unit: mm) 590*140*76 105*35*35 70*30*24
Can be customized Yes Yes Yes
Can be cut Yes Yes Yes
Grade Industrial Grade Industrial Grade Industrial Grade
Craftsmanship Forged Forged Forged
Surface Color Silvery white Silvery white Silvery white
Magnesium content 99.90%-99.95% 99.90%-99.95% 99.90%-99.95%
Executive standard ISO9001 ISO9001 ISO9001


4. Application of Small magnesium block 99.9 Mg ingot 99.95 high purity magnesium ingot

1). Metal alloy production: Magnesium is commonly alloyed with other metals like aluminum, zinc, and copper to enhance the mechanical and chemical properties of the alloys. Small magnesium blocks are utilized in the production of metal alloys.


2). Anti-corrosion coatings: Due to its exceptional corrosion resistance, magnesium is used as a component in coatings to protect surfaces from corrosion. Small magnesium blocks are employed in the formulation of anti-corrosion coatings.


3). Rocket propellants: Magnesium is utilized in the aerospace industry as a component in rocket propellants. Its high energy content makes it suitable for propulsion systems. Small magnesium blocks are used in the manufacturing of rocket engines and fuel preparations.


4). Chemical reagents: High purity magnesium is employed in the production of various chemical reagents, such as catalysts, reducing agents, and specialty chemicals.


5. Company Profile

Chengdingman is a professional supplier of magnesium ingots, committed to providing high-quality Magnesium Ingot products. As an industry leader, Chengdingman has rich experience and expertise in the field of magnesium alloy manufacturing.


Product quality and technical advantages: Chengdingman pays attention to product quality and adopts advanced production technology and technology to ensure the production of high-purity and high-quality Magnesium Ingot. Products undergo strict quality inspection and control to ensure that they meet international standards and customer requirements.


Diversified products: Chengdingman provides various specifications and models of Magnesium Ingot to meet the needs of different customers. Whether it is industrial application or metallurgical use, Chengdingman can provide suitable product solutions.


Flexible customized services: Chengdingman can provide personalized customized services according to customers' specific requirements and application scenarios. Whether it is specific purity requirements, special shapes and sizes or packaging methods, Chengdingman can meet customers' needs.


Global market coverage: Chengdingman's products have been exported to the world, and it has established long-term and stable cooperative relations with customers in many countries and regions. High-quality products and services have earned Chengdingman a good reputation in the international market.


Reliable delivery and after-sales support: Chengdingman is committed to delivering products on time and providing a full range of after-sales support. Customers can buy with confidence knowing they will receive prompt service and support whenever they need it.


To sum up, Chengdingman is a trustworthy supplier specializing in the production of Magnesium Ingot. Its high-quality products, technological advantages, customized services and global market coverage make it the first choice for customers. Whether you are looking for Magnesium Ingot for industrial use or metallurgical application, Chengdingman can provide you with a satisfactory solution.


6. FAQ

1. Q: What are the specifications of magnesium ingots, can it be customized and cut?

A: Mainly: 7.5kg/piece, 100g/piece, 300g/piece, can be customized or cut.


2. Q: What is magnesium ingot?

A: Magnesium ingot is a block or rod made of magnesium, which is usually used in industrial production and other applications. It is a lightweight metal with good mechanical properties, electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance. Magnesium ingots can be used to make products such as aerospace equipment, auto parts, and mobile phone casings, as well as consumer products such as matches and fireworks. Due to its light weight, high strength and recyclability, magnesium ingot has been widely used in modern industry and technology fields.


3. Q: What are the application fields of magnesium ingot?

A: It is widely used in automobile manufacturing, light industry, metallurgical industry, chemical industry, electronic industry and instrument manufacturing industry, etc.


4. Q: How much is the price of magnesium ingot per ton?

A: Since the price of materials fluctuates every day, the price of magnesium ingots per ton depends on the current market situation. The price may also fluctuate in different time periods.


Small magnesium block magnesium ingot

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