Mg99.99% magnesium block magnesium ingot

Wholesale magnesium ingots with 99.99% purity from Chengdingman, mainly 7.5KG, can also be customized according to customer requirements.
Product Description

Mg99.99% magnesium ingot

1. Product introduction of Mg99.99% magnesium block magnesium ingot

Our Mg99.99% Magnesium Block Magnesium Ingot represents a commitment to provide customers with high purity products. With its excellent quality and wide range of application fields, our magnesium block magnesium ingot has gained a good reputation in many industries.


Mg99.99% magnesium block magnesium ingot


2. Product parameters of Mg99.99% magnesium block magnesium ingot

Place of Origin Ningxia, China
Brand Name Chengdingman
Product name Mg99.99% magnesium block magnesium ingot
Color Silver white
Unit weight 7.5 kg
Shape Metal Nuggets/Ingots
Certificate BVSGS
Purity 99.95%-99.9%
Standard GB/T3499-2003
Advantages Factory direct sales/lower price
Packing 1T/1.25MT Per Pallet


3. Product features of Mg99.99% magnesium block magnesium ingot

1). High purity: The magnesium content of this product reaches 99.99%, showing a very high level of purity. This means that it is virtually free of impurities, making it suitable for applications where extreme material purity is required.


2). Corrosion resistance: This magnesium ingot has excellent corrosion resistance and can maintain its stability under harsh environmental conditions. It can resist the erosion of corrosive media such as acid and alkali, and is suitable for use in challenging working environments.


3). Wide application: Due to its high purity and corrosion resistance, this product has a wide range of applications in many fields. It can be used in aerospace, automobile manufacturing, electronic devices, chemical industry, optical components and other fields to meet the needs of different industries for material performance.


4). Lightweight characteristics: Magnesium is a light metal with low density. Therefore, products manufactured using this high-purity magnesium block magnesium ingot can reduce the overall weight and are suitable for applications requiring lightweight materials.


5). Manufacturing precision: Due to the high purity and uniform structure, this magnesium block magnesium ingot shows good processability and manufacturing precision during processing and manufacturing.


4. Product application of Mg99.99% magnesium block magnesium ingot

1). Foundry industry: Magnesium blocks and ingots are widely used as alloy additives in the foundry industry. Due to its light weight, high strength and good mechanical properties, magnesium is widely used in the manufacture of lightweight alloy castings in the automotive, aerospace and other industrial sectors. By adding magnesium to aluminum alloys, the strength, stiffness and corrosion resistance of the material can be improved.


2). Chemical field: Magnesium blocks and ingots can be used to produce chemicals and catalysts. Magnesium can be used as a reducing agent, deoxidizer and catalyst in various chemical reactions. It plays an important role in the preparation of organic compounds, fuel cells and other chemical processes.


3). Electronic field: Magnesium blocks and magnesium ingots are also used in the electronics industry. High-purity magnesium is used in the manufacture of batteries, optical devices and electronic components. Due to its good electrical and thermal conductivity, magnesium is used to produce conductive parts and heat sinks.


4). Rocket and missile technology: As a lightweight metal, magnesium is widely used in rocket and missile technology. Magnesium alloys can be used in the manufacture of fuel tanks and structural components to reduce overall weight and improve propellant performance.


5). Optical equipment: Magnesium blocks and ingots are also used to manufacture optical equipment and instruments. Due to its low refractive index, good light transmission and high mechanical strength, magnesium is often used in optical lenses, lenses for telescopes and cameras.


5. Why choose us?

1). High-purity quality: We are committed to providing Mg99.99% high-purity magnesium block magnesium ingots to ensure excellent quality for your application.


2). Professional knowledge: With rich knowledge and experience in magnesium metallurgy, we are able to provide reliable technical support.


3). Customized solutions: We work with customers to provide solutions customized according to their needs.


4). Timely delivery: Efficient production and distribution processes ensure on-time delivery and avoid project delays.


5). Sustainable development: We pay attention to environmental protection practices and ensure the environmental friendliness of the production process.




7. Company Profile

Chengdingman Company is a professional magnesium ingot manufacturer and supplier, focusing on providing high-quality and reliable magnesium ingot products to global customers. We have advanced production equipment and technology, use high-quality raw materials, undergo fine processing and strict quality control, and produce high-quality magnesium ingot products that meet international standards. Our products are widely used in automotive, aviation, electronics, construction and other fields, and are well received by customers.


We are committed to establishing long-term and stable cooperative relations with customers, continuously improving product quality and technical level, and meeting customer needs. We focus on technological innovation and product research and development, and constantly launch high-quality new products that meet market demand.



If you need to buy magnesium ingot products, please contact us, we will provide you with the best quality products and services.


8. FAQ

Q: Is your Mg99.99% magnesium ingot suitable for high temperature application?

A: Yes, high purity magnesium has excellent high temperature performance under the right conditions.


Q: Do you provide customized service?


A: Yes, we provide customized services, customers can customize magnesium ingots of different specifications and models according to their needs.


Q: How much is the price of magnesium ingot per ton?


A: Since the price of materials fluctuates every day, the price of magnesium ingots per ton depends on the current market conditions. The price may also fluctuate in different time periods.


Q: Can you provide custom size and shape magnesium block?

A: Yes, we can provide customized magnesium blocks in various sizes and shapes according to customer needs.


Q: Is your magnesium block easy to process?

A: Yes, high-purity magnesium block has excellent processability and is suitable for many processing methods.


Q: Do your products meet relevant quality standards?

A: Yes, our products meet the relevant quality standards in the industry to ensure product quality and stability.

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