Metal magnesium ingot 99.99% magnesium block

Customized size magnesium ingots from Chengdingman, magnesium metal blocks with a purity of up to 99.99%, the factory price is more affordable.
Product Description

Metal magnesium ingot

1. Product introduction of Metal magnesium ingot 99.99% magnesium block

We provide metal magnesium ingots with a purity of up to 99.99%, which is a high-quality metal material. Known for its exceptional purity and material consistency, this magnesium ingot is suitable for a variety of research and application areas. Magnesium metal ingots are usually supplied in lump form, providing a solid base for experimentation and innovation.


Metal magnesium ingot 99.99% magnesium block


2. Product parameters of 99.9% pure magnesium ingot for university research

Mg Content 99.9%
Color Silver white
Shape Block
Ingot Weight 7.5kg, 100g, 200g,1kg or Customized size
Packing Way Plastic strapped


3. Product features of Metal magnesium ingot 99.99% magnesium block

1). Excellent purity: The purity of metal magnesium ingot reaches 99.99%, which is almost completely pure metal, suitable for applications that require high-purity materials.

2). Uniformity: Precise control in the manufacturing process of magnesium ingots ensures the uniformity of the product and contributes to the repeatability of experiments and the consistency of results.

3). Stability: High-purity magnesium is stable during the experiment and will not introduce additional variables, thus helping to obtain reliable data.

4). Ease of processing: Metal magnesium has good processing performance, and can be used for cutting, drilling, welding and other operations, and is suitable for various experimental needs.


4. Product advantages of Metal magnesium ingot 99.99% magnesium block

1). High-quality materials: We are committed to providing 99.99% pure magnesium ingots to meet the high requirements of research and experiments.

2). Professional support: We have rich knowledge and experience in the field of metal materials, and can provide professional advice and support for your project.

3). Flexible application: Metal magnesium blocks can be applied to various experiments and research fields to meet different experimental needs.

4). Customized solutions: We can provide customized metal magnesium ingots according to your experimental requirements to ensure that they meet your needs.


5. Product application of Metal magnesium ingot 99.99% magnesium block

1). Material science research: It is used to study the properties, structure and behavior of metal magnesium, and to explore new material applications and characteristics.

2). Electronic industry: As a metal material with good electrical conductivity, it can be used to manufacture electronic components and devices.

3). Catalysis research: As a catalyst carrier or reactant, it is used for the research and development of catalytic reactions.

4). Thermal conduction research: It is used to study thermal properties such as thermal conductivity and thermal expansion of metal materials.





7. Why Choose Us?

1). Quality Assurance: Our metal magnesium ingots undergo strict quality control to ensure high purity and uniformity.

2). Professional knowledge: We have many years of experience in the field of metal materials and can provide you with professional support and advice.

3). Customized options: We can provide customized metal magnesium ingots and solutions according to your experimental needs.

4). Timely delivery: We promise to deliver products on time to ensure the smooth progress of your research and experiment.


8. FAQ

Q: What does Chengdingman do?

A: Chengdingman is a company specializing in the production of magnesium metal ingot products. It mainly provides high-quality and reliable magnesium alloy ingot materials for aviation, automobile, electronics and other fields.


Q: What products does Chengdingman have?

A: Chengdingman produces magnesium alloy ingots of various specifications, mainly 7.5kg, which can be customized to meet the different needs of customers.


Q: How to store magnesium ingots?

A: It is best to store it in a dry, dark environment and avoid contact with moisture and oxygen.


Q: How does high-purity magnesium ingot affect research?

A: High-purity magnesium metal can ensure the accuracy and reliability of experimental results and reduce the interference of external factors.


Q: What is the conductivity of magnesium metal?

A: Metal magnesium has good electrical conductivity and is suitable for the electronics industry and electrical conductivity applications.


Q: What is the application of metal magnesium in catalytic research? Metal magnesium can be used as a catalyst carrier or participate in catalytic reactions, which is helpful for catalytic research and development.


Q: How about the mechanical properties of magnesium metal? The mechanical properties of magnesium metal vary depending on the purity, and usually have a certain strength and toughness.

Metal magnesium ingot block

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