High-purity magnesium metal ingots for industrial use

High-purity magnesium ingot is an important material for industrial applications. It has a purity of more than 99.9% and is widely used in various industries. High-purity magnesium ingots play an important role in the fields of casting, smelting and metal processing. It can be used as casting mold, casting coating and alloy additive to improve product quality and performance.
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magnesium metal ingots for industrial

High-purity magnesium metal ingots

1. Product introduction of industrial High-purity magnesium metal ingots

High-purity magnesium metal ingot is an important material widely used in industry, with excellent performance and characteristics. It is made of high-purity magnesium raw material through a precise smelting and manufacturing process. These high-purity magnesium ingots play a key role in many fields, from aerospace to automobile manufacturing, and from electronic equipment to the chemical industry.


High-purity magnesium metal ingots for industrial use


2. Product parameters of industrial High-purity magnesium metal ingots

Mg Content 99.99%
Color Silver white
Magnesium Density
1.74 g/cm³
Shape Block
Ingot Weight 7.5kg, 100g, 200g,1kg or Customized size
Packing Way Plastic strapped


3. Product features of industrial High-purity magnesium metal ingots

1). High purity: Our high-purity magnesium metal ingots are of extremely high purity and contain almost no impurities. This makes it excellent in many demanding applications, such as the electronics industry, where stable electrical properties and low impurity levels are required.

2). Lightweight and high-strength: High-purity magnesium metal is a lightweight material with excellent strength and rigidity. This makes it ideal in fields such as aerospace and automotive manufacturing, where structural burdens can be lightened while maintaining strength requirements.

3). Excellent thermal conductivity: High-purity magnesium metal has excellent thermal conductivity, which makes it widely used in thermal management applications such as heat exchangers and radiators.

4). Good machinability: High-purity magnesium metal is easy to process and shape, and can be processed by various processes, such as casting, forging, extrusion, etc., which provides convenience for the manufacture of various complex shapes.


4. Product application of industrial High-purity magnesium metal ingots

1). Aerospace industry: used in aircraft, rockets and other structural components, because of its light weight and high strength characteristics, it helps to improve flight efficiency and load capacity.

2). Automobile manufacturing: It is used in body, engine parts and chassis, etc., which helps to improve fuel efficiency and reduce vehicle weight.

3). Electronic equipment: used to manufacture thin and light electronic products, such as notebook computers, mobile phones, etc., to support the high performance and portability of the equipment.

4). Chemical industry: It is used as a catalyst or reaction vessel material in some chemical reactions due to its good corrosion resistance.

5). New energy field: used in the manufacture of lithium-ion batteries, etc., because of its light weight and high energy density characteristics.


5. Why choose us?

1). High quality assurance: We are committed to providing high-quality high-purity magnesium metal ingots, and through strict quality control and advanced production technology to ensure stable performance and reliability of products.

2). Customized ability: We can provide customized high-purity magnesium metal ingots according to customer needs to meet the specific requirements of different applications.

3). Rich experience: We have many years of production experience and a professional team, and have accumulated rich knowledge and technology in the field of high-purity magnesium metal.

4). Comprehensive service: We provide a full range of services from product consultation, customization, production to after-sales support to ensure that customers get satisfactory solutions.




7. Company Profile

Chengdingman Company is a professional supplier of high-purity magnesium metal ingots and is committed to providing high-quality, reliable products. We purchase the highest quality raw materials from all over the world, and use advanced production equipment and fine processing technology to produce high-purity magnesium metal ingots that meet international standards.


Our products have a purity of up to 99.999%, good mechanical properties and electrical conductivity, and are widely used in electronics, aviation, automobiles and other fields. Chengdingman Company has its own modern factory equipped with the most advanced production equipment and technology to ensure the high quality and stability of its products. We pay attention to details and conduct strict quality control on every production link to ensure the highest quality products for our customers.


As a supplier of high-purity magnesium metal ingots, we attach great importance to our cooperative relationships with customers around the world. We are committed to establishing long-term and stable cooperative relationships and providing customers with customized products, fast delivery and professional technical support. We always adhere to the customer-centered service concept to meet customer needs. Chengdingman Company focuses on sustainable development and integrates environmental protection concepts into production and research and development. We use environmentally friendly materials and production processes to reduce our impact on the environment, and actively explore innovative solutions to achieve sustainable development and business growth.


If you need high purity magnesium metal ingot products, please feel free to contact our supplier team or visit our factory. We look forward to working with you to jointly promote technological progress and industry development.


8. FAQ

Q: How about the price of high purity magnesium metal ingot?

A: The price will be affected by many factors, including purity, specifications, customization requirements, etc. Please contact our sales team for a specific quotation.


Q: Is high-purity magnesium metal easy to oxidize?

A: Yes, high-purity magnesium metal is prone to oxidation reaction in the air and forms an oxide film. However, the rate of oxidation can be slowed down by coating or suitable protective measures.


Q: How difficult is it to process high-purity magnesium metal ingots?

A: High-purity magnesium metal has better processing properties, but due to its active chemical properties, special processing techniques and equipment may be required in some cases.


Q: Is high-purity magnesium metal suitable for high-temperature environments?

A: High purity magnesium metal may undergo changes at high temperatures, including loss of strength and stability. Therefore, applications in high temperature environments need to be carefully considered.

Industrial magnesium metal ingots

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