99.95 High-purity magnesium ingots for casting and smelting

This 99.95 high-purity magnesium ingot can be used in die-casting and smelting industries, and its purity can reach 99.95%. It has the characteristics of high purity, high density, and low oxide, and can be widely used in aerospace, automotive, electronics, optics and other fields.
Product Description

99.95 High-purity magnesium ingots

1. Product introduction of 99.95 High-purity magnesium ingots for casting and smelting

We provide 99.95% high-purity magnesium ingot, which is an important material widely used in casting and smelting. These high-purity magnesium ingots are made of high-quality magnesium raw materials and produced through sophisticated smelting processes. Its high purity and reliability make it ideal for many industrial applications.

99.95 High-purity magnesium ingots for casting and smelting

2. Product parameters of 99.95 High-purity magnesium ingots for casting and smelting

Place of Origin Ningxia, China
Brand Name Chengdingman
Product name 99.95 High-purity magnesium ingots for casting and smelting
Color Silver white
Unit weight 7.5 kg
Shape Metal Nuggets/Ingots
Certificate BVSGS
Purity 99.95%-99.9%
Standard GB/T3499-2003
Advantages Factory direct sales/lower price
Packing 1T/1.25MT Per Pallet


3. Product Features of 99.95 High-purity magnesium ingots for casting and smelting

1). High purity: This magnesium ingot has a high purity of 99.95%, which means that the impurity content in it is very low, and is suitable for applications that require high-purity metals, such as high-tech fields.


2). Casting properties: These magnesium ingots are used for casting, so they may have excellent casting properties. This includes proper melting characteristics, flowability and compatibility with molds.


3). Smelting performance: During the metallurgical process, these high-purity magnesium ingots may exhibit stable smelting performance, which helps to achieve the expected metal alloy composition.


4). Mechanical properties: High-purity magnesium may exhibit good mechanical properties, such as tensile strength and hardness, which are very important in some specific applications.


5). Corrosion resistance: High-purity metals usually have better corrosion resistance, which means that these magnesium ingots may not be easily affected by chemical reactions when they come into contact with other substances.


6). Wide range of applications: Since these magnesium ingots are suitable for casting and smelting, they may be used in a variety of applications, including aerospace, automobile manufacturing, electronic equipment and other fields.


7). Quality control: The production of high-purity metals usually requires strict quality control to ensure that it meets the requirements of specific applications. Therefore, these magnesium ingots may have been rigorously inspected and tested.


8). Customizability: According to different application needs, the shape and size of these magnesium ingots may be customizable to meet specific project requirements.


4. Product application of 99.95 High-purity magnesium ingots for casting and smelting

1). Foundry industry: For casting alloy products, such as aviation parts, auto parts, construction machinery, etc., to provide excellent fluidity and smelting performance.


2). Metallurgical industry: As an additive in the smelting process, it can be used in alloy preparation, refining and deoxidation processes.


3). Electronics industry: In semiconductor manufacturing and electronic equipment preparation, it is used as a raw material for rare earth element extraction and material preparation.


4). Catalyst preparation: It is used in the preparation of catalysts, because of its high purity and stability, it has good performance in chemical reactions.


5). Aerospace field: It is used in high-temperature alloys in the manufacture of aero-engines and other fields.


5. Why choose us?

1). High Quality: We are famous for our high quality magnesium ingots. We adopt advanced production technology and precise quality control measures to ensure the quality and reliability of each magnesium ingot. Our products are strictly inspected and tested to ensure compliance with international standards and customer requirements.


2). Customization: We provide customized magnesium ingot services, and provide tailor-made products according to the specific needs and applications of customers. Our professional team will work with you to ensure the product meets your requirements and provide the best solution.


3). Competitive prices: We offer competitive prices to ensure you get quality products and a value-for-money return on investment. Our pricing strategies are designed to help you reduce costs and increase profits.


4). Timely Delivery: We attach great importance to delivery time. We have an efficient production and logistics system to ensure timely delivery of your orders. No matter the size of your order, we strive to meet your needs.


5). Excellent Customer Service: Our customer service team is always here to support and help you. We value the cooperative relationship with our customers and are committed to providing timely technical support and after-sales service. We will ensure that you get a high-quality service experience throughout the purchasing process.


In conclusion, choosing our magnesium ingot products means you will get high quality, customization, competitive price, timely delivery and excellent customer service. We look forward to establishing a long-term partnership with you and contributing to your business success. If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact us.




7.Company Profile

Chengdingman is a magnesium ingot supplier with a global reputation, focusing on providing high-quality and reliable products to global customers. We have our own modern factory and advanced production equipment. Based on high-quality raw materials, through fine processing and strict quality control, we produce high-quality magnesium ingot products that meet international standards. These products are widely used in automotive, aviation, electronics, construction and other fields, and are well received by customers in the market.


As a magnesium ingot supplier, we are committed to establishing long-term and stable cooperative relationships with global customers. We are constantly striving to improve product quality and technical level to meet the needs of our customers. We promise to provide the best quality service, including customized products, fast delivery and professional technical support.


Chengdingman has always been committed to achieving sustainable development and reducing its impact on the environment through innovative R&D and environmentally friendly production methods. We believe that through continuous improvement and innovation, we can provide our customers with higher quality products and services and achieve long-term success as a company.


If you have any needs or questions about our magnesium ingot products, please feel free to contact our supplier team or visit our factory. We look forward to cooperating with you to achieve a win-win situation together.


8. FAQ

Q: What are the storage precautions for high-purity magnesium ingots?

A: High-purity magnesium ingots should be stored in a dry and ventilated place, avoiding contact with moisture and water to prevent oxidation reactions.


Q: Can other purity magnesium ingots be provided?

A: Yes, we can provide magnesium ingots with different purity, including 99.9%, 99.95% and so on, according to the needs of customers.


Q: Is it possible to provide material analysis report?

A: Yes, we can provide material analysis report, including chemical composition, purity testing and other information.


Q: What operational safety needs to be paid attention to in the smelting of metal magnesium ingots?

A: During the smelting process, safety operating procedures should be followed, and safety issues such as fire prevention and explosion protection should be paid attention to.

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