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What is magnesium ingot and what is it used for


Magnesium is a lightweight metallic element that is widely used in industry due to its high strength and corrosion resistance. Magnesium ingot is a bulk metal material with magnesium as the main component, usually with high purity and uniformity. In this article, we explore what we know about magnesium ingots.


The preparation process of magnesium ingot


Magnesium exists widely in nature, but its purity is low, so it needs to go through a purification process before it can be prepared into magnesium ingots. Magnesium ingots can be prepared by two methods: molten electrolysis and thermal reduction.Molten electrolysis is to electrolyze high-purity magnesium chloride (MgCl2) solution into magnesium and chlorine gas, and apply high voltage between cathode and anode to separate ingot-shaped magnesium and chlorine gas. Magnesium ingots prepared by this method usually have high purity and uniformity, and are suitable for applications in high-end industries, such as aerospace, military and other fields.


Thermal reduction is to increase the temperature and add a reducing agent (such as silicon) to cause a chemical reaction of magnesium compounds (such as magnesium oxide MgO), reduce oxygen to gaseous oxides (such as carbon dioxide CO), and generate magnesium vapor, and then cool the magnesium vapor to form ingot. This method can produce large-scale magnesium ingots, but its purity is not as high as the molten electrolysis method.


Application of Magnesium Ingot


Magnesium ingot is widely used in several fields, the most common of which are the aerospace, automotive and electronics industries.


Aerospace field: Magnesium ingot has high strength and light weight characteristics, which is very suitable for making aerospace components. It can be used to make the fuselage, engine and hub of the aircraft.Automotive Industry: The lightweight nature of magnesium ingots makes it an ideal material for the automotive industry. It can be used in the manufacture of engines, drivetrains, chassis and body components, thereby reducing overall vehicle weight, improving fuel efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions.


Electronic field: Magnesium ingot is widely used in electronic technology because of its electrical properties (good electrical and thermal conductivity). It can be used to make batteries, LED lights and other electronic devices.


In all, Magnesium ingot is a bulk metal material with magnesium as the main component, which is widely used in the aerospace, automotive and electronics industries. It has excellent characteristics such as light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance and good electrical and thermal conductivity, and is one of the irreplaceable materials in the industrial field.