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Uses of metal magnesium ingots


Metal magnesium ingot refers to a metal with magnesium as the main component. It is usually rectangular or cylindrical in shape and is widely used in the chemical industry, aerospace, military equipment and other fields. Now let Chengdingman introduce the use of magnesium metal ingots in detail.


Uses of metal magnesium ingots


Uses of metal magnesium ingots


Magnesium metal ingot is a widely used metal, and its uses mainly include the following aspects:


1. Cangjin materials: Magnesium ingots are an important alloy additive in the metallurgical industry and can be used to manufacture various alloy materials with light weight, high strength and corrosion resistance, such as magnesium aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, magnesium calcium alloy, etc.


2. Optical materials: The high reflectivity and transmittance of magnesium ingots make it an important optical material, which can be used to manufacture reflectors, radiation shielding materials, lighting equipment, etc.


3. Anti-corrosion materials: Due to its good corrosion resistance and heat resistance, magnesium ingots can also be used as anti-corrosion materials. For example, they are used as gaskets, pipes and other components in oil wells, nuclear reactors, etc., which can effectively improve the use of equipment. life.


4. Rocket fuel: Magnesium ingots are also widely used in the field of aerospace. For example, as a combustion agent in rocket fuel, it can make the thrust of the rocket stronger.


5. Smelting materials: Magnesium ingots can also be used as smelting materials to refine copper, aluminum and other metals to improve the purity of the metals.


What I have introduced to you above is the "Uses of Metal Magnesium Ingots". As an important metal material, magnesium ingots play an important role in modern industry and are widely used in various fields.