Metal Magnesium ingots for experiments 100g 300g Mg 99.95% to 99.9%

We're a professional magnesium ingot supplier. We offer 100g and 300g magnesium metal ingots with a purity of 99.95% to 99.9%. These magnesium ingots are suitable for laboratory and scientific applications. They can be used as reaction reagents, reducing agents and catalysts in chemical experiments.
Product Description

Metal Magnesium ingots

Metal Magnesium ingots 100g

1. Product introduction of Metal Magnesium ingots for experiments 100g 300g Mg 99.95% to 99.9%

We provide 100g and 300g specifications of metal magnesium ingots, and the size can also be customized. The purity of magnesium is between 99.95% and 99.99%. These metal magnesium ingots are designed for experiment and research purposes, providing scientific researchers and laboratories with high-purity magnesium metal samples for various research and test projects.

Metal Magnesium ingots for experiments 100g 300g Mg 99.95% 99.9%

2. Product parameters of Metal Magnesium ingots for experiments 100g 300g Mg 99.95% to 99.9%

Place of Origin Ningxia, China
Brand Name Chengdingman
Product name Metal Magnesium ingots for experiments 100g 300g Mg 99.95% to 99.9%
Color Silver white
Unit weight 100g 300g, custom size
Shape Metal Nuggets/Ingots
Certificate BVSGS
Purity 99.95%-99.9%
Standard GB/T3499-2003
Advantages Factory direct sales/lower price
Packing 1T/1.25MT Per Pallet


3. Product Features of Metal Magnesium ingots for experiments 100g 300g Mg 99.95% to 99.9%

1. High purity: Our metal magnesium ingot has a high purity of 99.95% to 99.9%, which is suitable for experiments and research that require strict material purity.

2. Precise specifications: We provide two specifications of 100g and 300g, which are suitable for different experimental needs and can meet the test requirements of different sizes and dosages.

3. Good machinability: These metal magnesium ingots are easy to process and form, and can be used in various experimental equipment and test schemes.

4. Reliability: We ensure the stability and reliability of magnesium ingots through strict quality control and production processes.


4. Metal Magnesium ingots for experiments 100g 300g Mg 99.95% to 99.9% of the product application

1). Anti-corrosion coating: Metal magnesium ingots can be used to prepare anti-corrosion coatings to protect metal surfaces from corrosion and oxidation. It can be applied to ships, bridges, buildings and other fields to provide long-term protection effect.

2). Aerospace industry: Metal magnesium ingots can be used to manufacture aerospace devices and structural components. It is lightweight and high-strength, which can reduce the weight of the aircraft and improve fuel efficiency.

3). Automobile industry: Metal magnesium ingots can be used for lightweight design in automobile manufacturing. It can be used to make engine parts, body structures and interior components to improve fuel economy and vehicle performance.

4). Foundry industry: Metal magnesium ingots can be used to make casting molds and castings. It has good fluidity and thermal conductivity, and can be used to manufacture castings with high precision and complex shapes.

5). Electronics industry: Metal magnesium ingots can be used to manufacture batteries, electrolytes and semiconductor materials. It has good electrical conductivity and heat dissipation performance, and is suitable for the manufacture of electronic devices.

6). Medical equipment: Metal magnesium ingots can be used to make medical equipment and implants. It is biocompatible and biodegradable, making it suitable for orthopedic surgery and other medical applications.


5. Why choose us?

1. High quality assurance: We are committed to providing high-quality magnesium metal ingots to ensure that the purity and performance meet the needs of experiments and research.

2. Fine customization: We provide magnesium ingots with different purities and specifications to meet the customization needs of different experiments.

3. Professional team: We have an experienced team who understand the properties and applications of metal materials and can provide professional technical support.

4. Quick response: We promise to respond quickly to customer needs, provide timely consultation and order processing.




7. Company Profile

Chengdingman is a world-renowned supplier of Metal Magnesium ingots Mg 99.95% to 99.99%, focusing on providing high-quality and reliable products to global customers. We have our own modern factory and advanced production equipment. Based on high-quality raw materials, through fine processing and strict quality control, we produce high-quality magnesium ingot products that meet international standards. These products are widely used in automotive, aviation, electronics, construction and other fields, and are well received by customers in the market.


As a magnesium ingot supplier, we are committed to establishing long-term and stable cooperative relationships with global customers. We are constantly striving to improve product quality and technical level to meet the needs of our customers. We promise to provide the best quality service, including customized products, fast delivery and professional technical support.


Chengdingman has always been committed to achieving sustainable development and reducing its impact on the environment through innovative R&D and environmentally friendly production methods. We believe that through continuous improvement and innovation, we can provide our customers with higher quality products and services and achieve long-term success as a company.


If you have any needs or questions about our magnesium ingot products, please feel free to contact our supplier team or visit our factory. We look forward to cooperating with you to achieve a win-win situation together.


8. FAQ

Q: What are the specifications of magnesium ingots, can it be customized and cut?

A: Mainly include: 7.5kg/piece, 2kg/piece, 100g/piece, 300g/piece, can be customized or cut.


Q: How much is the price of magnesium ingot per ton?

A: Since the price of materials fluctuates every day, the price of magnesium ingot per ton depends on the current market situation. The price may fluctuate in different time periods. Contact us to get the current price.


Q: What is the mode of transportation for metal magnesium ingots?

A: We will choose the appropriate transportation method according to your geographical location and order quantity, mainly by sea to ensure the safe delivery of products.


Q: Can you provide larger size magnesium ingots?

A: Yes, we can provide larger specifications of metal magnesium ingots, customized according to your needs.


Q: What safety issues should be paid attention to in the experiment of metal magnesium?

A: Magnesium metal has active chemical properties, and it is necessary to pay attention to fire prevention and explosion prevention measures during operation.


Q: Is it possible to provide material analysis report?

A: Yes, we can provide the material analysis report of magnesium metal, including information such as purity, elemental composition, etc.

Metal Magnesium ingots for experiments

Metal Magnesium ingots 300g

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