Magnesium ingot 20kg/piece Magnesium content 99.98%

Magnesium ingots with a weight of 20kg per piece and a magnesium content of 99.98% offer a combination of high purity, lightweight construction, corrosion resistance, and versatility in applications. They are a reliable choice for industries seeking efficient, durable, and high-performance materials.
Product Description

Magnesium ingot

Magnesium ingot Mg 99.98%

1. Product introduction of Magnesium ingot 20kg/piece Magnesium content 99.98%

The Magnesium ingot we provide weighs 20kg per piece, and the magnesium content reaches 99.98%. Magnesium is a lightweight and corrosion-resistant metallic material with a wide range of applications. Known for its high purity and excellent quality, our Magnesium ingot is used in several industries.


Magnesium ingot 20kg/piece Magnesium content 99.98%


1). In the field of automobile manufacturing, Magnesium ingot is widely used in the manufacture of engine parts, chassis structures and body components. Its lightweight properties can improve a car's fuel efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.


2). In the field of aerospace, Magnesium ingot is used to manufacture aircraft structures, engine components and hydraulic systems. Its high strength and corrosion resistance make it ideal for aerospace devices.


3). Magnesium ingot also plays an important role in the manufacture of electronic equipment, and can be used in battery casings, mobile phone casings, and laptop radiators. Magnesium's excellent electrical and thermal conductivity can help improve the performance and heat dissipation of electronic products.


4). In addition, Magnesium ingot is also widely used in other fields, such as biomedicine, construction and sports equipment manufacturing, etc. Its high purity and superior properties make it an ideal material of choice in these fields.


Our Magnesium ingot is strictly quality controlled and selected to ensure its high purity and superior performance. We are committed to providing customers with high-quality products and reliable solutions to meet the needs of various industries. Whether you are an individual or a business, we can tailor products according to your needs.


2. Product parameters of Magnesium ingot 20kg/piece Magnesium content 99.98%

Mg Content 99.9%
Color Silver white
Shape Block
Ingot Weight 7.5kg, 100g, 200g,1kg or Customized size
Packing Way Plastic strapped on plastic strapping


3. Product  Features of Magnesium ingot 20kg/piece Magnesium content 99.98%

1). High Purity: The magnesium ingot has an extremely high purity level with a magnesium content of 99.98%. This ensures that the material is free from impurities, making it suitable for various critical applications.


2). Lightweight: Magnesium is known for its low density, making the ingot lightweight compared to other metals. This property is advantageous in industries where weight reduction is crucial, such as automotive and aerospace, as it contributes to fuel efficiency and overall performance improvements .


3). Corrosion Resistance: Magnesium possesses excellent corrosion resistance properties, particularly in environments where it is exposed to moisture or certain chemicals. This characteristic enables the ingot to withstand harsh conditions and maintain its structural integrity over time.


4). Versatile Applications: Magnesium ingots find extensive applications in various industries. They are commonly used in the automotive sector for manufacturing engine components, chassis structures, and body parts. Additionally, they are used in aerospace for aircraft structures, engine parts, and hydraulic systems. Magnesium ingots are also employed in electronics manufacturing for battery casings, phone housings, and laptop heat sinks, due to their excellent conductivity and heat dissipation properties.


5). Quality Assurance: The magnesium ingots undergo strict quality control measures and selection processes to ensure their high purity and superior performance. This guarantees consistency and reliability in the material properties, meeting the requirements and expectations of customers across different industries.


4. Magnesium ingot 20kg/piece Magnesium content 99.98% product advantages

1). High quality assurance: Each 20kg magnesium ingot we provide undergoes strict quality control to ensure high purity and uniformity.


2). Professional support: We have many years of professional knowledge and experience in the field of metal materials, and can provide professional advice and support for your project.


3). Multi-field application: 20kg magnesium ingot is suitable for research, experiment and production needs in many fields, and has a wide range of application prospects.


4). Customized options: We can provide customized magnesium ingots and related solutions according to your project needs.


5. Application of Magnesium ingot 20kg/piece Magnesium content 99.98%

1). Materials science research: It is used to study the performance, structure and behavior of magnesium and its alloys, and to explore new material applications and characteristics.


2). Electronic industry: As a high-purity metal material, it can be used to manufacture electronic components and high-performance electronic devices.


3). Catalysis research: As a catalyst carrier or reactant, it is used for the research and development of catalytic reactions.


4). Aerospace: It is suitable for structural components in the aerospace field because of its light weight and strength advantages.


6. Why Choose Us?

1). High quality assurance: We promise to provide high quality magnesium ingots to ensure high purity and uniformity.


2). Professional knowledge: We have rich knowledge and experience in the field of metal materials, and can provide you with professional support and advice.


3). Customized solutions: We can provide customized magnesium ingots and solutions according to your experimental and production needs.


4). Timely delivery: We are committed to delivering products on time to ensure the smooth progress of your project.





8. FAQ

Q: How to store 20kg magnesium ingots

A: It is recommended to store it in a dry, well-ventilated environment, avoiding contact with moisture and oxygen.


Q: What is the purity range of the hot sale magnesium ingot?

A: The purity range of hot-selling magnesium ingots is usually between 99.95% and 99.99%.


Q: Which industries and fields are hot-selling magnesium ingots suitable for?

A: Hot-selling magnesium ingots are widely used in the manufacture of magnesium alloys, automobiles, aerospace, chemical and other fields.


Q: Do you provide customized service?

A: Yes, we provide customized services, customers can customize magnesium ingots of different specifications and models according to their needs.


Q: How to contact us to place an order?

A: Customers can contact through the company's official website, email or telephone, and the company's customer service team will assist in processing the order and provide necessary information and support.


Q: What is the packing method of hot selling magnesium ingot?

A: Hot selling magnesium ingots usually come in standard packaging to ensure the safety of the product during transportation and storage.


Q: Do you provide international shipping services?

A: Yes, Chengdingman has a complete global distribution network and provides international shipping services, customers can purchase and receive products conveniently.


Q: Is the 20kg magnesium ingot suitable for small-scale experiments?

A: Yes, it is suitable for both small-scale experiments and larger-scale experiments and production.

Magnesium ingot 20kg

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