Hot Sale Magnesium Ingot 99.97% - 99.99% Purity

Chengdingman is a professional Hot Sale Magnesium Ingot 99.97% - 99.99% Purity supplier. The purity is between 99.97% - 99.99%, and the size can be customized.
Product Description

1. The product introduction of Hot Sale Magnesium Ingot 99.97% - 99.99% Purity

Magnesium ingots with a purity of 99.97% to 99.99% are metal products obtained by smelting and smelting high-purity magnesium raw materials. It is usually sold in 7.5kg size blocks or ingots and has a very high level of purity. Then the size can also be customized according to customer's requirements.


Magnesium Ingot 99.97% - 99.99% Purity


2. The Features of Hot Sale Magnesium Ingot 99.97% - 99.99% Purity

1). High purity: This magnesium ingot has a very high purity, usually between 99.97% and 99.99%. High-purity magnesium has low levels of impurities, making it useful in many applications.


2).Lightweight: Magnesium is a lightweight metal, which is lighter than many other metals at the same weight. This makes magnesium ingots very attractive for applications where weight reduction is required.


3). Good mechanical properties: Magnesium has good strength and rigidity properties, and the required mechanical properties can be obtained through appropriate processing methods.


4). Corrosion resistance: Magnesium has good corrosion resistance, and has excellent performance in some special environments.


3. Product Advantages of Hot Sale Magnesium Ingot 99.97% - 99.99% Purity

1). Light weight: Compared with other metals, magnesium has a lower density, so it has a lighter weight. This makes magnesium ingots useful in applications where weight reduction is required, such as aerospace, automotive, and electronic equipment, among others.


2). Good strength and rigidity: Although magnesium is a lightweight metal, it has good strength and rigidity properties. This enables magnesium to provide high strength and rigidity while reducing weight in structural applications.


3).Excellent thermal conductivity: Magnesium has good thermal conductivity, making it very effective in heat conduction. This makes magnesium very useful in some applications where heat dissipation is required.


4. Product Application of Hot Sale Magnesium Ingot 99.97% - 99.99% Purity

1). Foundry industry: Magnesium ingots are often used in the foundry industry to manufacture various parts and components, including auto parts, aerospace parts, communication equipment and electronic equipment.


2). Lightweight application: Due to the light weight of magnesium, magnesium ingots are widely used in lightweight applications, such as aerospace, automobiles, bicycles and sports equipment.


3). Anti-corrosion application: Magnesium has good corrosion resistance, so it is used to manufacture anti-corrosion materials and components, such as anti-corrosion equipment, pipes and containers.




6. Company Profile

Chengdingman is a professional supplier of Hot Sale Magnesium Ingot 99.97% - 99.99% Purity. The main specifications of the products sold are 7.5kg magnesium ingots, 100g, and 300g magnesium ingots, which support customization. Chengdingman has long-term cooperation with customers from dozens of countries and regions in Europe and America, and welcomes more new and old customers to discuss cooperation with us.


7. FAQ

Q: How to prepare magnesium ingot?

A: Magnesium ingots are usually obtained by extracting, smelting and smelting magnesium ore, which is then purified and cast into blocks or ingots.


Q: How does the purity of magnesium ingot affect the application?

A: The purity level of the magnesium ingot is very important to the application. In some demanding industries, such as aerospace and automobile manufacturing, higher purity magnesium ingots are usually more popular.


Q: How about the density of magnesium ingot?

A: Magnesium has a low density of about 1.7-1.9 g/cm², is relatively light, and is lighter than many common structural metals such as aluminum and steel.


Q: Will magnesium ingots corrode?

A: Although magnesium has good corrosion resistance, in some environments, especially wet and acidic environments, magnesium may corrode. Therefore, in certain applications, corrosion protection measures may be required.


Q: Can magnesium ingots be used directly?

A: Magnesium ingots usually require further processing and handling to meet the requirements of specific applications. This may include heat treatment, machining, surface treatment, etc.

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