99.99% Pure magnesium ingot

99.99% pure magnesium ingot is a high-purity metal material with excellent chemical stability, thermal stability and machinability. It is widely used in foundry, chemical, metal and medical fields. Meet different needs by customizing specifications and sizes.
Product Description

Pure magnesium ingot

1. Product introduction of 99.99% Pure magnesium ingot

99.99% pure magnesium ingot is a high-purity magnesium metal product made of 99.99% pure magnesium material. Its appearance presents a silver-white metallic luster, uniform and free of impurities. This high-purity magnesium ingot is usually square or rectangular in shape and has excellent chemical and thermal stability.

99.99% Pure magnesium ingot

2. Product features of 99.99% Pure magnesium ingot

1). High purity: 99.99% purity ensures the excellent quality and purity of the material.


2). Corrosion resistance: Pure magnesium ingot has high corrosion resistance and can cope with various chemical environments.


3). Lightweight: Magnesium is a lightweight metal with an excellent strength-to-weight ratio, making it ideal for many applications.


4). Easy to process: Pure magnesium ingot has good plasticity and processability, and can be shaped by die-casting, forging and machining.


3. Product specifications of 99.99% Pure magnesium ingot

The specifications of 99.99% pure magnesium ingots can be customized according to customer needs. Generally speaking, its weight is usually between tens and hundreds of kilograms, and its size is designed according to specific uses. Common sizes include square or rectangular ingots, and dimensions and weights will vary by manufacturer and market demand.

99.99% Pure magnesium ingot

4. Product application of 99.99% Pure magnesium ingot

99.99% pure magnesium ingot has a wide range of applications, including but not limited to:


1). Foundry industry: Pure magnesium ingots can be used to manufacture castings for aerospace, automobiles, machinery and electronic equipment.


2). Chemical industry: As an alloy additive, pure magnesium ingot can be used to improve the performance characteristics of other metal alloys.


3). Metal-related industries: pure magnesium ingots can be used to manufacture spark rods, optical materials, electrodes and spraying materials, etc.


4). Medical field: Pure magnesium ingot also has application potential in medical equipment manufacturing and biomedical fields.


5. FAQ

Q: What are the specifications of magnesium ingots, can it be customized and cut?

A: Mainly: 7.5kg/piece, 100g/piece, 300g/piece, can be customized or cut.


Q: Is pure magnesium ingot recyclable?

A: Yes, pure magnesium ingots can be reused through recycling and regeneration, which reduces the demand for raw materials and lowers the environmental impact.


Q: Is high-purity magnesium ingot flammable?

A: High purity magnesium ingots are flammable when exposed to high temperature or oxygen and need to be stored and handled in a safe environment.


Q: How long is the production cycle of pure magnesium ingot?

A: The production lead time depends on the scale and demand, usually between several days to several weeks, depending on the manufacturer and customized requirements.

99.99% magnesium ingot

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