99.98 Metal Mg high purity magnesium ingot

As a high-performance metal material, 99.98 Metal Mg high-purity magnesium ingot has broad application prospects in various fields. We are committed to providing customers with high-quality products and professional support to help them achieve excellence in different fields.
Product Description

magnesium ingot

1. Product introduction of 99.98 Metal Mg high purity magnesium ingot

99.98 Metal Mg high-purity magnesium ingot is a highly pure magnesium metal product with a magnesium content of 99.98%. Magnesium is a lightweight, corrosion-resistant metal with a wide range of applications in industry and scientific research. This high-purity magnesium ingot can meet various stringent requirements, making it an ideal choice in many fields.


2. Product parameters of 99.98 Metal Mg high purity magnesium ingot

Mg Content 99.98%
Color Silver white
Shape Block
Ingot Weight 7.5kg, 100g, 200g,1kg or Customized size
Packing Way Plastic strapped


3. Product Features of 99.98 Metal Mg high purity magnesium ingot

1). High purity: 99.98 Metal Mg The magnesium content of high-purity magnesium ingot reaches 99.98%, and there are almost no impurities, which ensures excellent purity and stability.


2). Lightweight: Magnesium is a very light metal with excellent specific strength and specific stiffness, which makes it play an important role in aviation, aerospace and other fields.


3). Good processability: 99.98 Metal Mg high-purity magnesium ingots can be easily cut, forged and welded, and are suitable for various manufacturing processes.


4). Corrosion resistance: Magnesium has good corrosion resistance and can maintain stability in harsh environments. It is suitable for chemical and marine fields.


4. Product application of 99.98 Metal Mg high purity magnesium ingot

1). Aerospace: High-purity magnesium is widely used in the aerospace field to manufacture lightweight structural components, such as aircraft components and rocket components.


2). Automobile industry: Magnesium alloys are used in the manufacture of auto parts, such as hoods, body structures and interior parts, to reduce vehicle weight and improve fuel efficiency.


3). Electronics industry: High-purity magnesium is used in the electronics industry to manufacture battery casings, electronic devices and heat dissipation materials.


4). Medical devices: The biocompatibility of magnesium alloy makes it suitable for the manufacture of medical devices, such as bone plates, screws, etc.


5. Why choose us?

1). High quality: We promise to provide high-purity 99.98 Metal Mg high-purity magnesium ingots to ensure product quality and performance.


2). Customization: We can customize magnesium ingots of different specifications and shapes according to the specific needs of customers to meet the needs of different application fields.


3). Reliable supply: We have a stable supply chain and production system to ensure on-time delivery.


4). Professional team: Our team has rich industry experience and technical knowledge, and can provide professional consultation and support.





7. Company Profile

Chengdingman, a renowned entity, specializes in magnesium metal ingots. With a robust network of suppliers, we ensure a consistent supply of high-quality raw materials. Our cutting-edge production processes guarantee precision and adherence to stringent quality norms. As a trailblazer in the magnesium ingot industry, we're committed to innovation, providing compact ingots that serve diverse applications. Chengdingman's dedication to excellence is evident through our state-of-the-art facility and unwavering focus on customer satisfaction. Whether for intricate manufacturing or specialized industries, our  magnesium metal ingots stand as a testament to our commitment to delivering top-tier products.


8. FAQ

Q: What is the purity of this high purity magnesium ingot?

A: The magnesium content of high-purity magnesium ingot is 99.98%, and it contains almost no impurities.


Q: What sizes and shapes are available for magnesium ingots?

A: We can customize magnesium ingots of different sizes and shapes according to customers' needs to suit different application scenarios.


Q: What fields is this magnesium ingot suitable for?

A: This magnesium ingot is suitable for aerospace, automobile industry, electronics industry, medical equipment and other fields.


Q: How to ensure the quality of the products?

A: We strictly control the production process and conduct quality inspections to ensure the high purity and stability of the products.


Q: Is bulk order available?

A: Yes, we can provide bulk orders according to customer needs.

high purity magnesium ingot

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