4KG 99.5% High Purity Metal Magnesium Ingot

We are a professional manufacturer and supplier of magnesium ingots in China, providing high-quality magnesium metal ingots for domestic and foreign customers, and can customize product specifications and sizes according to customer requirements.
Product Description

4KG Metal Magnesium Ingot

Magnesium Ingot

1. Product Introduction of 4KG 99.5% High Purity Metal Magnesium Ingot

Our 4kg 99.5% High Purity Magnesium Metal Ingot represents our commitment to provide our customers with the highest quality products. With excellent properties and a wide range of applications, our magnesium metal ingots have earned an excellent reputation in various industries.


2. Product parameters of 4KG 99.5% High Purity Metal Magnesium Ingot

Place of Origin Ningxia, China
Brand Name Chengdingman
Product name 4KG 99.5% High Purity Metal Magnesium Ingot
Color Silver white
Unit weight 4 kg
Shape Metal Nuggets/Ingots
Certificate BVSGS
Purity 99.95%
Standard GB/T3499-2003
Advantages Factory direct sales/lower price
Packing 1T/1.25MT Per Pallet


3. Product Features of 4KG 99.5% High Purity Metal Magnesium Ingot

1). Superior Purity: Our magnesium ingots contain 99.5% high-purity magnesium, ensuring minimal impurities and maximizing performance.


2). Lightweight: Magnesium is known for its low density and is suitable for applications where weight reduction is critical.


3). Corrosion resistance: Magnesium exhibits excellent corrosion resistance, especially in harsh environments, prolonging the life of materials used with it.


4). High thermal conductivity: Magnesium is a good thermal conductor, suitable for applications that require efficient heat dissipation.


5). Forgeability and Machinability: These magnesium ingots have excellent forgeability, suitable for fine forming and easy processing to meet diverse design requirements.


4. Product Application of 4KG 99.5% High Purity Metal Magnesium Ingot

Our magnesium metal ingots are widely used in various industries, including:

1). Metal Alloy Manufacturing: Magnesium is a lightweight metal that can be alloyed to increase strength, corrosion resistance, and other properties. It is often used in the manufacture of aluminum alloys to improve their strength and corrosion resistance. Magnesium can also synthesize different kinds of alloys with other metals such as zinc, copper, aluminum, etc., which are used in aerospace, automobile, shipbuilding and other industrial fields.


2). Chemical reaction catalyst: High-purity metal magnesium can be used as a catalyst in some chemical reactions. It can promote the progress of certain reactions, thereby increasing the reaction rate and product yield.


3). Corrosion protection: Magnesium can be used as a material for anodic protection to prevent metal equipment, pipelines and structures from being damaged by corrosion.


4). Spark initiator: The spark generated by the combustion of metal magnesium can be used as a spark initiator to ignite gunpowder, explosives, etc.


5). Metallurgical industry: Magnesium can be used in the smelting process in the metallurgical industry to remove oxides and other impurities, thereby improving the purity of the metal.


6). Optical application: High-purity metal magnesium can be used for optical coating, manufacturing lenses, mirrors and other optical components.


7). Electronics industry: Magnesium can be used to manufacture electronic devices such as batteries, electrolytes, and semiconductors, as well as the packaging and casing of some electronic components.


8). Aerospace field: Magnesium alloy has important applications in the aerospace field, and can be used to manufacture aircraft components, rocket engine parts, etc., because of its light weight and excellent strength characteristics.


5. Why choose us?

1). Unparalleled Quality: We are committed to supplying the purest magnesium ingot metal, ensuring top-notch quality for your application.


2). Professional knowledge: With many years of experience, our team has rich knowledge in magnesium metallurgy, which guarantees reliable products.


3). Customized Solutions: We work closely with our customers to provide customized solutions that meet their specific needs.


4). Timely delivery: Our efficient production and distribution process ensures on-time delivery and avoids unnecessary project delays.


5). Environmental Responsibility: We prioritize sustainable practices in our production methods to reduce our ecological footprint.




7. Company Profile

Chengdingman Company is a reliable magnesium ingot supplier with its own factory and advanced production equipment. We use high-quality raw materials, undergo fine processing and strict quality control to produce high-quality magnesium ingot products that meet international standards. Our products are widely used in automotive, aviation, electronics, construction and other fields, and are well received by customers. If you need to purchase magnesium ingot products, please contact us and we will provide you with the best service.


8. FAQ

Q: Is your metal magnesium ingot suitable for medical implants?

A: Yes, our magnesium ingots are high in purity, compatible with the human body, and suitable for medical applications.


Q: How much is the price of magnesium ingot per ton?

A: Since the price of materials fluctuates every day, the price of magnesium ingots per ton depends on the current market conditions. The price may also fluctuate in different time periods.


Q: Can you provide magnesium alloys with specific properties?

A: Of course, our expertise allows us to tailor alloys to meet specific mechanical and thermal performance requirements.


Q: What measures do you take to ensure product quality?

A: We employ strict quality control procedures, including thorough testing and inspections at all stages of production.


Q: Do you provide international shipping service?

A: Yes, we have a global distribution network to serve customers worldwide.


Q: Are your metal magnesium ingots recyclable?

A: Yes, magnesium is highly recyclable in line with environmentally friendly practices.

Metal Magnesium Ingot

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