Magnesium alloy ingots magnesium 99.99%

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Product Description

1. Magnesium alloy ingots magnesium 99.99% product introduction

Magnesium alloy ingots with a magnesium content of 99.99% are high-purity magnesium metal products. These ingots are made from premium-quality magnesium raw materials and undergo stringent refining and purification processes to achieve an exceptionally high purity level of 99.99%.


Magnesium alloy ingots magnesium 99.99%


2. Product features of Magnesium alloy ingots magnesium 99.99%

1). Extremely high purity: The magnesium content of 99.99% signs that the ingots are almost entirely composed of pure magnesium, with only trace amounts of impurities.


2). Low impurity levels: The rigorous refining and purification processes employed during production ensure that the ingots have extremely low levels of impurities, making them suitable for applications that require high-purity magnesium.


3). Lightweight: Like all magnesium metals, these ingots are lightweight, with a density of approximately 1.74g/cm³. This attribute makes them particularly useful in applications where weight reduction is critical.


3. Applications of magnesium alloy ingots with 99.99% magnesium

1). Specialty alloys: The high purity of these ingots makes them ideal for producing specialized magnesium alloys used in aerospace, automotive, and electronics industries.


2). Research and experimentation: These high-purity magnesium ingots are valuable in research laboratories and experimental setups where precise and uncontaminated materials are required.


3). Chemical applications: In the chemical industry, the ingots are utilized for synthesizing high-purity magnesium compounds and other chemical reactions.


4). Magnesium-based batteries: They may also be used in the production of certain types of batteries, such as lithium-magnesium alloy batteries.





5. Company Profile

Chengdingman is a professional supplier of magnesium ingots. The main specifications of the products sold are 7.5kg magnesium ingots, 100g, and 300g magnesium ingots, which support customization. Chengdingman has long-term cooperation with customers from dozens of countries and regions in Europe and America. Our products have been exporting to United Kingdom, USA, Germany, Holland, Australia, Bahrain, Japan, etc. Aluminum producers. Steel manufactures and Magnesium Casting industry are our main and potential customers. Welcomes more new and old customers to discuss cooperation with us.


6. FAQ

Q: Can we customize special products?

A: Our company has a professional team to customize and produce all kinds of products for customers.


Q: Are high-purity magnesium metal ingots stored safely?

A: Yes, high-purity magnesium metal ingots need to be protected from moisture and contact with flammables such as oxygen during storage. At the same time, avoid collisions and violent vibrations, so as not to cause fire or other dangers.


Q: Are there any special processing requirements for high-purity magnesium metal ingots?

A: High-purity magnesium metal ingots are relatively soft and easy to cut, but they are also easy to oxidize. During processing, it is necessary to take measures to prevent oxidation, such as processing in an inert atmosphere.


Q: Can high-purity magnesium metal ingots be recycled?

A: Yes, high purity magnesium metal ingots can be recycled. Recycling and reusing high-purity magnesium metal ingots can help reduce costs and have a positive effect on environmental protection.

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