Magnesium alloy ingot content 99.99% small magnesium block

Chengdingman is one of the best high-purity Magnesium alloy ingot suppliers in China. High-purity metal magnesium ingot has light weight, high thermal conductivity and good mechanical properties, which can meet various stringent requirements. It excels in processability and corrosion resistance and is an important material of choice.
Product Description

small magnesium alloy ingot block

1. Product introduction of Magnesium alloy ingot content 99.99% small magnesium block products

This small Magnesium alloy ingot is a high purity magnesium metal product with a magnesium content of 99.99%. It is specially treated and refined to ensure its quality and reliability. High-purity magnesium ingots usually come in chunky shapes and sizes for ease of use and storage. This high-purity magnesium ingot is widely used in the industrial field.


Magnesium alloy ingot content 99.99% small magnesium block


2. Product parameters of Magnesium alloy ingot content 99.99% small magnesium block

Place of Origin Ningxia, China
Brand Name Chengdingman
Model Number Mg99.99
Product name Magnesium alloy ingot content 99.99% small magnesium block
Color Silver white
Unit weight 1KG, 2KG, customizable
Shape Metal Nuggets/Ingots
Certificate BVSGS
Purity 99.9%
Standard GB/T3499-2003
Advantages Factory direct sales/lower price
Packing 1T/1.25MT Per Pallet


3. Product features of Magnesium alloy ingot content 99.99% small magnesium block

1). High purity: The magnesium content of the magnesium alloy ingot reaches 99.99%, with extremely low impurity content, which ensures the purity of the material.

2). Lightweight: Magnesium alloy has the characteristics of light weight and high strength, and is a metal material with light weight and low density.

3). Good mechanical properties: Magnesium alloy ingots have excellent mechanical properties, including high strength, rigidity and corrosion resistance.

4). Excellent thermal conductivity: Magnesium alloy has good thermal conductivity, can conduct heat quickly, and is suitable for applications that require heat dissipation.


4. Product application of Magnesium alloy ingot content 99.99% small magnesium block

1). Automobile industry: Magnesium alloy ingots are often used in the manufacture of auto parts, such as hoods, floor plates, wheels, etc. Due to their light weight and high strength, they can effectively reduce the weight of the body and improve fuel efficiency.

2). Electronic equipment: Magnesium alloy ingots can be used in the manufacture of housings, frames and other parts of electronic equipment. Due to its good thermal conductivity, it helps to dissipate heat and protect electronic components.

3). Aerospace industry: Magnesium alloys are widely used in the aerospace field, and can be used to manufacture aero-engine parts, seat frames, etc. to improve the performance and fuel efficiency of aircraft.





6. Company Profile

Chengdingman is a professional supplier of Magnesium alloy ingot content 99.99% small magnesium block. The main specifications of the products sold are 7.5kg magnesium ingots, 100g, and 300g magnesium ingots, which support customization. Chengdingman has long-term cooperation with customers from dozens of countries and regions in Europe and America, and welcomes more new and old customers to discuss cooperation with us.


7. FAQ

Q: What are the specifications of magnesium ingots, can it be customized and cut?

A: Mainly include: 2kg, 7.5kg/piece, 100g/piece, 300g/piece, can be customized or cut.


Q1: Can magnesium alloy ingots be corroded naturally?

A1: Magnesium alloys have certain corrosion resistance, but corrosion will occur in humid or corrosive environments. In order to increase the corrosion resistance of magnesium alloys, surface treatment or coating protection can be carried out.


Q2: Are magnesium alloy ingots weldable?

A2: Magnesium alloy has good weldability, and different welding methods can be used, such as argon arc welding, laser welding, etc.


Q3: Are magnesium alloy ingots recyclable?

A3: Yes, magnesium alloys are recyclable, and with proper treatment and reprocessing, they can be recycled and reused. This helps to reduce resource consumption and environmental pollution.


Q: What is the purity range of the Hot Sale Magnesium Ingot?

A: The Hot Sale Magnesium Ingot has a purity range of 99.5% to 99.9%. This means that the magnesium content in the ingot falls within this range, ensuring a high-quality product suitable for various industrial and metallurgical applications.

magnesium alloy ingot

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